The 2017 Graduate AD5 competition is now open

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has finally announced the Notice of Competition for the Administrators Generalists’ (EPSO/AD/388/17).

The Administrators Generalists’ (EPSO/AD/388/17) competition in short:
Deadline for application: May 3rd 2017
Places available: 124 (This number was 149 year 2015)

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have knowledge of at least 2 official EU languages. One at minimum C1 level (thorough knowledge). This language used for the computer-based Multiple-Choice Question tests.
  • Another at minimum B2 level (satisfactory knowledge). This language will be used for the second part of the application form, e-tray exercise, assessment centre and communication between EPSO and the candidates who have submitted a valid application. This must be different from language 1.
  • Enjoy full rights as a citizen of a Member State of the EU
  • Meet any obligations under national laws on military service
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties concerned
  • No professional experience required
  • A level of education corresponding to at least 3 years’ completed university studies attested by a diploma (must be awarded by 31 July 2017 at the latest)

The Language criteria

The language criteria can add some confusion to the application process. To put it short: you need to choose two languages. Language 1 will be the one you can complete your application form in and the computer-based Multiple-Choice Question tests. However, big importance needs to be given to which language you choose as language 2. If your language 2 is not among the top 5 languages chosen as language 2 by other candidates your application will be DISQUALIFIED.


Computer-based Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) tests

Tests Language Questions Duration Marking Pass mark
Verbal reasoning Language 1 20 questions 35 min Out of 20 10/20
Numerical reasoning Language 1 10 questions 20 min Out of 10 5/10
Abstract reasoning Language 1 20 questions 20 min Out of 20 10/20

The results of the numerical reasoning test will not be taken into account in the calculation of your total MCQ tests mark; however, you must reach the minimum pass marks in all tests. Of course the minimal mark is not going to be enough to get an invitation to the next phase. Candidates tend to need to score at least among the top 5% to advance to the next stage.

Intermediate test: the E-tray exercise

The e-tray exercise comprises 15 to 25 questions and will assess 4 general competencies as described in the competency matrix in point 5. Each competency will be marked out of 10. You must score one of the highest total combined marks for this exercise to qualify for the next stage of the competition. The four competencies are:

  • Analysing and Problem Solving
  • Delivering Quality and Results
  • Prioritising and Organising
  • Working With Others

Assessment centre

Eight general competencies will be tested at the assessment centre through four tests (case study, oral presentation, competency-based interview and group exercise). The marks scored in these tests will be combined with those already scored for the e-tray exercise to give an overall score out of 80, as described in the following matrix:

  1. Analysis and problem solving (Oral presentation, e-tray)
  2. Communication (Oral presentation, Case study)
  3. Delivering quality and results (Case study, e-tray)
  4. Learning and development (Group exercise, Competency-based interview)
  5. Prioritising and organising (Group exercise, e-tray)
  6. Resilience (Oral presentation, Competency-based interview)
  7. Working with others (Group exercise, e-tray)
  8. Leadership (Group exercise, Competency-based interview)

Pass marks 3/10 per competency and 50/80 in total

Before you apply

It is very important that you read the full Notice of Competition before you submit your application. This will help you familiarize and prepare for the contest better. This way you also avoid making easily avoidable mistakes that could potentially disqualify you from participating the concours.