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Realistic EPSO style questions

Avoid surprises and train with realistic questions, difficulty levels and test environment. Each question is carefully designed to resemble the nature of the real EPSO tests.

Unlimited Revisions

Take and re-take the tests as many times as you want during the subscription period.

Unlimited Access

You get access to all questions and features in the chosen profile.


Each question has clear explanations that help you learn and improve your score.

Multiple Languages

Verbal reasoning questions are avaliable in multiple languages. See the pricing table for the complete list of avaliable languages.

Train everywhere

We know the importance of being able to train wherever and whenever you want. You can use the mobile friendly interface whether you are at home or in the bus.

No Downloads

Access the questions and train online, no downloads required.


Train on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Our service is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

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Powerfull Analysis

Find and focus on your weaknesses. Just knowing what questions you answered incorrectly is not enough. In the EPSO test each second counts and you need to know where you can save time.

Time management

See where you lose time and learn the fastest solutions


Compare your results with other users' results


Identify your weaknesses and track your improvements

EPSOprep features

Customer Support

Get replies to all your questions within 24 hours. Sign up and chat with us directly or send us a message on Facebook.

Continous Improvments

We constantly improve our service to bring you the most realistic and educational EPSO test preparation product on the market

Secure Payments

We use only safe payment options. Pay with your preferred credit card.

Packages - Simple Pricing

Pricing you can understand. Each option contains all available questions for the chosen profile.

(All questions are in English except for Verbal Reasoning wich is avaliable in English, Greek, Spanish and Italian) 

Assistant (AST)

  • 250 Abstract Reasoning
  • 200 Numerical Reasoning
  • 200 Verbal Reasoning
    English, Greek, Spanish, Italian
  • 54 Situational Judgment
  • 200 Accuracy & Precision
  • 200 Prioritizing & Organizing

Administrator (AD)

  • 250 Abstract Reasoning
  • 200 Numerical Reasoning
  • 200 Verbal Reasoning
    English, Greek, Spanish, Italian
  • 54 Situational Judgment


  • 10 Abstract Reasoning
  • 10 Numerical Reasoning
  • 10 Verbal Reasoning
    English, Greek, Spanish, Italian
  • 10 Situational Judgment
  • 10 Accuracy & Precision
  • 10 Prioritizing & Organizing

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to pay?

Yes. uses Stripe, a well-established, well known and secure credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payments. All payments are handled through an encrypted SSL connetion. Visit to read more.

Do you store any credit card details?

No credit card details are ever stored on our servers. We use which is one of the most secure and reputable payment processors in the world. Your data is never shared with us. In other words, your credit card details are safe.

Will you automatically renew my duration after expiry?

No. We never make any automatic renewals nor do we store your payment details. If you wish to renew your duration you can do so by signing into your account and chose the desired duration.

When should I start preparing for the tests?

The short answer is, as early as you can. We recommend our users to start training at least 3 months before even though shorter periods can give you substantial gains in if you practice regularly.

How do your tests compare with the real EPSO tests?

Generally the difficulty level is on the same or higher level then what you would expect from the real EPSO tests. We believe it is important to challenge our users and help them excel with more challenging questions. We believe this to be the best approach to prepare our clients for the real tests.

How do you create and update your test material?

Our tests have been made by psychometric experts that work with aptitude tests and are experts within given areas together with EPSO experts. We constantly monitor changes that EPSO makes to its question material. Questions that are too difficult or too easy are removed or changed in order to better resemble the real EPSO tests. It is important to note that we are in no way associated with EPSO.

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